The camp lies along the Muonioriver/Sweden in a village called Aareavaara.

The salmonfishing is very good and the huntingpossibilities is nearby.

You are welcome to enjoy the nature on your own or book one of our guides for a unique nature adventure.

There is a small road with low traffic between the camp and the river.


The nature is various, from mires to mountains which inspires to hike and camp.


A visit at winter time offers good possibilities to skii and drive snowmobile.

There is a great skiing resort named YLLÄS about 30 minutes away, where you can find activities like cross country - and downhill skiing, snowmobiletrips and at Christmas there is always Santa Claus.

There is an airport in Sweden-Pajala 30 minutes away (Stockholm-Luleå-Pajala) and also one in Finland- Kittilä, the airport is located about 50 minutes away from the camp.




White cottage

4-6 beds, fully equipped kitchen, wc, sauna. 600 skr/night


Kaalamaniva fishing site.

Sauna and a small cottage.

12V electricity and outhouse.

600 skr/night

Fireplace for cooking

Villa with underground sauna

4-6 beds, fully equipped kitchen, wc and sauna

600 skr/night